Weatherporoof PVC Garden Fence Mesh Hexagonal Flexible structure Green Fence Wire Mesh

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Weatherporoof PVC Garden Fence Mesh Hexagonal Flexible structure Green Fence Wire Mesh 

Our PVC-Coated wire fencing roll consists of durable metal wire mesh which is woven into a hexagonal netting structure to provide maximum strength and security. This wire fencing is suitable for both agricultural and gardening applications and is commonly used to protect crops, gardens, small pets, birds and various other DIY projects.

The fence is flexible and will easily form to whatever shape is required, meaning that you may use it for practically any application. Our product is specialized as chicken wire, aviary wire mesh and rabbit netting.

The metal structure is galvanized to provide weatherproofing and also to protect against rust, corrosion and freezing. This makes it ideal for all year round use. Hexagonal wire netting is extremely easy to handle and does not require any specific skills to work with. Its ability to withstand natural damage and corrosion makes it a reliable, secure solution.

Our green galvanized wire is coated with PVC to provide absolute protection. When it comes to the safety of your pets, livestock and crops, you can’t afford to take chances – choose reliable netting that will allow you to form a protective enclosure that will keep your animals safely in, and intruders safely out.

DURABLE PROTECTION: Our hexagonal wire mesh fencing is ideally suited to protect crops, animals or as a convenient roll of garden fencing.
CLEVER DESIGN: This robust mesh fencing measures in at a hefty thickness of 0.71mm. The 13mm mesh size ensures clear visibility while protecting your animals or crops.

WEATHERPROOF: The premium fencing wire is galvanized to guarantee resistance to all types of weather, whether it is blazing sunlight or blustering snow.

VERSATILE IN USE: This wire fencing roll is a favourite of the agricultural sector. It is widely used for everything from chicken wire to durable plant protection.

SIMPLE TO INSTALL: Each roll of wire mesh can be easily cut to size. The flexible wiring casts into any shape, therefore making this an extremely versatile wire mesh.

Product Features:

Wire Thickness: 0.71 mm
Mesh sizes: 13mm or 25mm
PVC Coated
Colours: Silver, Green
Waterproof, rust and corrosion-resistant
Easy to trim and cut to size
Flexible structure