Tarpaulin Fixing UV Protective Shock Cord Reels

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Tarpaulin Fixing UV Protective Shock Cord Reels are available in multiple colours, lengths and diameters. Supple and easy to use, the shape of the Shock Cord offers excellent resistance to abrasion, providing a flexible yet durable fixing for your tarpaulin. The central core of the cord is composed of a solid natural rubber with UV protection, while the outer braiding is a high tenacity polypropylene, again with added UV protection.

Shock cord provides a quicker and easier way to secure and unfasten tarps, and in absorbing sudden shock upon the tarpaulin, its much kinder on eyelets than a rigid product like poly rope.

Our 20m lengths of cord are sold as a hank. Our 50m and 100m reels come on a plastic reel.