Heavy Duty Silver And Black 260gsm Tarpaulin For Outdoor Use

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Heavy Duty Silver And Black 260gsm Tarpaulin For Outdoor Use
SILVER TARPAULIN/CAMPING GROUND SHEET COVER 260 G/SQM ALUMINIUM EYELETS AT 1 METRE INTERVALS ALL SIZES* ARE APPROXIMATE INDUSTRY STANDARD 'CUT SIZES' OF MATERIAL BEFORE BEING MADE INTO A TARPAULIN. THEREFORE EXPECT THE 'FINISHED SIZE' TO BE UP TO 8” (20cm) SHORTER ON BOTH SIDES TO ALLOW FOR HEMS AND SEAMS IN THE FINISHING PROCESS. *Any sizes not listed as full metre dimensions are the likely reduced size you will receive. The size on the product label you will receive will be the pre-cut size. For example, 2m x 3m will be labelled as such and is likely be 1.8m x 2.8m, whilst 1.4m x 1.8m will be labelled as 1.5m x 2m. All sizes are approximate and we cannot provide accurate sizes due to the manufacturing process, if you require an exact size of tarpaulin, we apologise but our products will not be suitable for you. All of our tarpaulins are subject to a six month manufacturer warranty, and are for temporary use only. Though heavier grade tarpaulins will last longer than economy grade, constant exposure to harsh or strong weather conditions will degrade the tarpaulin quickly. The tarpaulin eyelets are not covered under the manufacture warranty due to the large stress that will be placed on them during use. Please ensure you fix your tarpaulin securely and you reinforce stress points. Sharp objects, corners, or friction will reduce the lifespan of your tarpaulin. Please note we do not recommend the use of these tarpaulins as roofing, temporary or otherwise. Use as such will nullify any warranty on this item.