Heavy Duty Shock Cord Fixings

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Heavy Duty Shock Cord Fixings are designed for use with bungee cord, our range of Shock Cord Fixings are a great way of adapting tarpaulin ties to your specific application.

Our Autolocking Toggle is a reusable 2-part swivel fixing, designed for use with 6mm shock cord. Please note: this fixing will only fit through our larger 20mm eyelets, such as those found on the 270gsm Black/Silver and 560gsm PVC ranges.

The Black Autlocking Hook is a 2-part accessory which can be attached to the end of our 6mm and 8mm shock cord to create a handy hook fixing.

The Large Easyfix Hook is a single piece accessory, complete with collar and brace to stop the bungee. This can be used with our 8mm and 10mm bungee.