Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Tarpaulin Green 14Oz Multipurpose Tarp Sheet

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Heavy duty canvas green tarpaulins are manufactured from a heavyweight material which has been chemically treated, ensuring that they are easier and lighter to handle than traditional wax-processed canvas tarps.

Please bear in mind that a minimal amount of shrinkage can occur where canvas tarpaulins are subject to varying temperatures. These robust canvas tarps are chemically treated to make them water-resistant.

14Oz Cotton Canvas Tarpaulin Green Features
1. Before Proofing the Cotton Tarpaulin is 14oz
2. Seams double sewn
3. 15inch wide sheets
4. Shortening lugs included
5. Ropes and eyelets included!

Where can this be used?
1. Back of Trucks
2. Transport
3. Ground Sheet

Our heavy duty cotton green canvas tarpaulin is a strong waterproof tarp cover sheet.