80gsm Heavy Duty Camouflage Tarpaulin 30 Ball Bungees Waterproof Sheet Cover Ground

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Includes 1 x 80gsm Tarpaulin and 30 Ball Bungees
Multi-Use Rot Proof Cover, Coverage for Trailers, Cars, Boats, Bikes, and Caravans
Temporary Shelter
Temporary Roofing to Protect from Sun and Wind
When you need a little outdoor coverage that wont stand out, and a bright coloured tarpaulin just wont do, heres your answer!
Camo tarpaulins come in a wide range of sizes, and have a reinforced metal eyelet down every meter of each side. Its subdued camouflage pattern makes it ideal for applications that need coverage that is a little more subtle! Not to mention, being rot proof and U.V resistant, this tarpaulin will protect you for years to come.
Perfect for trailers, temporary shelters of every kind, and even for the kids to make dens, the uses for this tarp are endless!
So dont just put up any colour of tarp, use a Camo Tarpaulin!